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Genting 3D2N Day 3

3rd: Coffee Terrace @ Genting Grand -> First World Hotel (Check-out) -> Spore

Disclaimer! Due to time constraints, to make blogging more effective, photos posted in this post are unedited. Bus rest assured, it will still be as informative! We welcome email queries about our trip @

View from Level 17 Tower 2 lift area (The sky cleared up in the morning!)

3D2N getaway passed by real fast and it's our last day in Genting. As we will have a long journey back SG later on which results in possible skipping on lunch/dinner, we decided to have a sumptuous buffet breakfast to conclude our stay at Genting. There are basically 2 popular buffet breakfast place in Genting - The Food Factory @ FWH and Coffee Terrace @ Genting Grand. 

The food Factory cost RM 29 (SGD $10.74) which is real cheap. It replaced the old First world cafe. Basically it is at level 3 (Tower 1) or Level 8 (Tower 2) depending on your lift buttons. We chose Coffee Terrace which is a little pricey RM 40 (SGD $14.81) as we wanted to try something new. We had buffet breakfast at FWH during our 2012 trip.

Buffet breakfast starts at 7am @ coffee Terrace. We reached there at around 8am, paid for our meal then we enter. There is no member rate here, but member is welcome to accumulate points (at x5 rate) Hence in total we spent RM 160 (SGD $59.26) resulting in RP of 800.
interior of Coffee Terrace

Snowman at the entrance

Christmas Tree

1. Flavours of Malaysia
2. Chinese
3. Western
4. Japanese (closed)
5. Western Asian (closed)

Choco Fondue

There is a variety of food from chinese noodles/porridge to western to bread/pastries/cereal. There are cooked noodles and self cooked noodles/hor fun soup.

We thought that the food is more towards oriental. We were done eating around 9.30am. Throughout our period there, the restaurant is not packed as compared to The Food Factory. In fact there's not a lot of people in coffee Terrace (< than 50% filled).
Receipt @ Coffee Terrace

Temperature checked: 20 degrees celsius

foggy Maxims Hotel

We went to Genting Rewards Centre for our last scratch and win and we got RP 150 bonus. We did not find anything else to redeem (those that can be redeem are dine in deals and not take away). So we decided to leave our points in the card, afterall it has a 3 yrs validity.

We also bought a pomelo from FWH of about 1.5kg for RM 17 (SGD $6.30).

Check-out @ FWH is 11am. We are due to reach Mushroom Farm bus terminal at 12.30pm. We checked out at their auto check out kiosk at around 10.55am.

Check out kiosk

FWH room card
Insert the card into the kiosk and you are done!
 We head to the car park area of FWH and we saw a long queue. In fact that long queue (starting from the pillar stating Lane 3) is for shuttle bus heading towards Chin Swee temple.

Long queue for shuttle bus to Chin Swee
 The other queue towards the left (photo above) is the one heading to Mushroom farm bus terminal. In case you are lost, just keep a look out for the queue with most people carrying luggage. You won't go too wrong with that!

Queue waiting for Mushroom farm bus terminal shuttle bus
 Shuttle bus to Mushroom Farm bus terminal is of a 15 mins interval. The ride there was really near about 5 mins. It is basically just a road turn down.

 We reach mushroom farm bus terminal at around 11.15am. Luckily there's holding area for us to wait. At around 12.15pm, we start to hear WTS people shouting for the different drop off points (Bedok / Tampines / Choa Chu Kang...). And we were then gestured to the respective bus. As there is a jam along the way, we had to transfer 2 buses. 1 bus to go down to our first rest stop at Gohtong. Thereafter we will transfer to another bus at Gohtong and straight to Singapore. We departed from the bus terminal at around 12.30pm.

foggy day

We were given about 20 mins to have a toilet/food stop at Gohtong souvenir shop. We bought:
1. corn cup RM 3.20 (SGD $1.19), 
2. herbal tea egg RM 1.30 (SGD $0.48)
3. a plate of Jackfruit RM 10 (SGD $3.70)
4. a bag of sliced guava RM 2.50 (SGD $0.93)
5. one slice of papaya (about 1/7 of a papaya) RM 2.50 (SGD $0.93)

Corn Cup at Gohtong for RM 3.20 (SGD $1.19)
 We bought piping hot herbal tea eggs (茶叶蛋) too at RM 1.30 (SGD $0.48) per egg.

Rainy weather
 There was bad traffic jam along the way after KL, coupled with bad weather (heavy heavy rain). After Gohtong stop, we supposedly have another stop at Yong Peng where we can also buy food, however in the end our rest stop at Yong Peng is only for toilet.

Inside the coach
 This time round, the coach is a little older than the coach we took on day 1 and there's no free wifi. However we all get to sit on the second floor as the first storey is only for putting luggage.

 As usual, we were asked if we want to buy Otah (Xiao Mei Otah) and Mochi. With inflation, its otah price has up to RM 7.50 (SGD $2.78). In 2012 we purchased 1 box for RM 6, in 2014 we purchased 1 box for RM 6.50 and now 2016... RM 7.50. 1 box of Mochi consist of 6 small Mochis at RM 9 (SGD $3.33). Its otah is popular for its huge chunky mackerel fish slices. However it also have otah that is not spicy, or fish head otah, prawn otah, sotong otah... For Mochis, we purchased 3 boxes - Durian, Red Bean, Black Sesame flavour. For the Otah, every 10 box purchased, you get 1 box free. But this promotion does not apply to Mochis. Each box of otah is around passport size in area.

Xiao Mei Otah - our otah & mochi are kept chilled in the white styrofoam box!

Yong Peng Fishball factory - beside the Otah factory 
We exited Malaysia and enter Singapore via Tuas checkpoint again. Queue was manageable. After all the traffic jams and bad weather in Malaysia, we finally reached safely back in Singapore, CCK at 8.45pm on the night of christmas eve. Normally if there's no delay, the bus will reach back at CCK around 7pm.

Apparently earlier on in the day, there was flash flood in many areas of Singapore such as Orchard due to the heavy downpour. Earlier in the dawn, there was an accident near Muar involving a coach from Johor towards KL that crashed which resulted in casualties which include Singaporeans. May the fatalities rest in peace and may all long distance coaches travelling in Malaysia be free from accidents.

Merry Christmas :)


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