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Day 10: Centre Point Hotel Pratunam -> Erawan Shrine (四面佛) -> Wat Pho (via BTS and Chao Phraya Express Boat) -> Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (龍蓮寺) -> Nam Sing Bird Nest -> Lim Jing Hieng (林真香) Pork Floss -> Centre Point Hotel Pratunam -> Siam Square -> Big C Super Center (Rajdamri) -> Pratunam Night Market 

Good morning! Sawadeeka! We do not have any tour today. Mainly we will only be touring Wat Pho and another chinese temple in Chinatown and basically Free & Easy shopping for the other half of the day. We started the day at around 8.50am.

Do you know Centre Point Hotel Pratunam has this side door leading straight to Phetchaburi Road (main road)? This makes going out and coming back after a day of activities so much convenient! During our stay there we never once went back or went out of our hotel via the main door because it is situated at an alley.

Centre Point Hotel Pratunam side door
Once you come out of the side door, turn left and walk straight all the way and you will eventually reach the busy pratunam junction, along the way you will see famous Platinum Fashion Mall opposite too. Centre Point Hotel Pratunam is this convenient!

So for our first stop of the day, we are heading to Erawan Shrine! Erawan Shrine is situated at Grand Hyatt Bangkok and it is also the place that had bombing took place last August 2015.
9am traffic at Phetchaburi Road
Erawan Shrine (or also known as four-faced buddha), is situated along Phloen Chit Road which is between Chitlom and Siam BTS. It is a 10-15 mins walk from our hotel to the Erawan Shrine. If you have trouble finding, just look out for this beautifully shaped building (see below). It is located near there!
Erawan Shrine (opp the road)
We reached Erawan Shrine at 9.15am. Though it is morning, the place was so so so crowded! No wonder it makes an ideal target place for terrorists :( We saw one security guard on duty at that point of time. Do note that the place can be quite smoky too, as it is a small compound and almost everyone who goes there will buy candles and light up at each of the four face. It is that smoky until there is helpers there fanning away the fire/smoke as soon as you light them up.

When we reach, we were immediately entertained by vendors outside selling garlands, candles for making offering at the shrine. THEY CHARGE MORE EXPENSIVE THAN THE SHOP WITHIN THE SHRINE COMPOUND. 
We weren't aware of that as such we went ahead to buy :/ We bought large garland (4 each for each side of the four faced buddha) and it comes with 4 candles for THB 400 (SGD $16). So for the four of us, we would have spent THB 1600 (SGD $64) in total. However thereafter, we saw this price list chart on the gate of the shrine, and it states only half the price! Meaning, if we had bought at the shop within the shrine, we would have paid only THB 800 (SGD $32) for the same amount of flowers we get.

We did not take a photo of the price list, but here's a screen grab from a fellow blogger. If you are interested, his post on the Four Faced buddha is pretty informative too.
Price List (Four Faced buddha) - taken from: Entree Kibbles blog
So basically, after you buy the flower garlands and candles, proceed to give your offerings to each side of the buddha and pray if you want. Thereafter there is a place where you can wash your hands with the holy water situated at a corner within the compound.

We did not stay for long as it was too crowded for comfort. We left after around 20 mins and proceeded to Siam BTS. You can head to the Siam BTS by taking the skywalk (overhead bridge).

head towards Siam BTS
Our next stop is Saphan Taksin BTS station where we will board the boat to Wat Pho at the Sathorn Pier. We went to the Siam BTS counter and asked for 4 tickets to Saphan Taksin. Thankfully, the staff understand and gave us the correct ticket.

BTS Single Journey ticket (front)
BTS Single Journey ticket (back)
Prior to our trip, we plan our BTS ride using their BTS website where they have a journey planner that will tell you approx how long it takes to get from one place to another as well as the charge involve. Feel free to use BTS Service route map for your planning.

Screenshot from BTS service route map
In addition the web has a section called 'Explore Bangkok by BTS' where it will show you the major places of interest and how you can get to them via public transport (bus, BTS, boat). For example for Wat Pho, this is what it says, look at the part on ' How to get there'!

Wat Pho description (screenshot from Explore Bangkok by BTS website)
Similarly, for trains, to know which platform you are suppose to board, take note of the ending stop. Especially do note that Siam BTS has two different lines - skytrain silom line and skytrain sukhumvit line. For eg. for travelling to Saphan Taksin, look for the train platform that is heading towards Bang Wa.

To Bang Wa
Platform towards Bang Wa
train platform
We did not have to wait for long and the BTS is here!

inside the BTS
It wasn't exactly too crowded (as compared to Singapore's train) but of course not that empty too.

Do note that in Bangkok the major train lines are BTS and MRT. The former is a sky train while the latter is underground. Along the way it start to rain :( Sigh what a start to our day. But anyways, the train journey was actually quite comfortable and we reach Saphan Taksin BTS station in around 12 minutes time.

Siam > Ratchadamri > Sala Daeng > Chong Nonsi > Surasak > Saphan Taksin

Once you alight and head the escalator down to the ground floor where gantry is at, there will be a direction board to let you know which exit you should head to.

Directions near Saphan Taksin gantry
For us we are heading to the Chao Praya Express Boat Pier, hence Exit 2 ( on the left of below photo)

gantries at Saphan Taksin
Do note that if you are using the BTS Single journey ticket like us, you have to insert into the card opening at the gantry (see photo above, the opening above the labelling of G16/G17), and then the machine will at your card :( Meaning you won't be able to keep it for souvenir sake. Guess if you really want to keep it for souvenir sake, you have to buy one card and dont use it.

Exit 2
And basically, there will be a lot of tourists or locals heading to the express boat area. So just follow. it is not too far away from the BTS anyway :)

Okay learning how to take the boat is a long story. How do I start, hmm.

For a start, referring to their official Chao Praya Express boat website can be very helpful. you can find the link here:

They provide the route map, fare and time table (frequency) which can be useful to help in planing.
Prior to this trip, we saw and read online that there's different boats (mainly identified by the flag they have on the boat - yellow/orange/blue/green flag) and there's different charges even if they bring you to the same stop.

Basically the blue flag is the tourist boat (more expensive too but there is someone to give brief introduction of the places along the way). Tourist boat does not stop at all stops along the Chao Phraya river and it cost THB 40 (SGD $1.60) per way, doesn't matter which stop you alight. While for the orange flag boat (taken by locals) only cost THB 14 (SGD $0.56). For us, we are heading to Wat Pho, hence we should alight at Tha Thien Pier which is along the route of the orange and blue boat. Of course, who wouldn't want to take the cheaper one - aka orange boat. When we reach the pier, we weren't certain the procedures and started to ask around on the purchase of the boat ticket. However they keep directing us to blue counter to buy the tourist boat. Despite us keep asking about the orange boat or THB 14 ticket, they either really don't understand what we talking about (we were speaking english) or they feign ignorance.

Chao Praya Express Boat counter (Tourists)
Do note they have 2 different kind of staff there that we noticed, one wearing blue shirts and another wearing orange shirt. Orange shirt is the staff in charge of the orange boat however she does not understand English, only Thai. After a while, we gave up as we really couldn't find anyone who can help us, and apparently all tourists seem to buy the tourist boat. So as much as we don't want, we bought the more expensive tourist ticket (THB 40). 

Chaotic pier - waiting for the boat to come

Also, do note that tourist boat (blue boat) frequency has a slower frequency of around 30 mins. Whereas orange boat is around 15-20 mins.You can checkout on the timetable/frequency at ChaoPhraya Express Boat web.

While we were queuing up to wait for the blue boat, the orange boat came and we saw the locals boarding and at that moment we then realise the procedure! So if you want to get cheap local tickets, please dont buy from the blue tourist counter but follow the steps below! :)

1. Queue up at a separate queue (perhaps you can ask the orange shirt lady or see where the locals queue.)
2. When the boat is arriving, the orange lady will hold a metal container and start going around the queue to collect money - which is the boat fare! 
3. Then she will issue you the ticket thereafter
4. Hold the ticket and proceed to board when the boat arrives!

Orange lady in the background collecting money from the locals
collecting money, giving change
Sigh we missed it. But it's okay. At least we learnt it the hard way haha.

View of another pier
We waited for around 15 mins and it is finally our turn to board!

Sathorn pier boarding area
We managed to board at 10.30am.

Inside the boat
Apparently, they allow standing on the boat. So if you are early, you get to choose where to sit and of course, being the tourist in you, you would choose to sit near the window haha. Personally we feel, left or right side doesn't matter, you get to see different scenaries. If you sit on the left side like us, Wat Arun will be on your side.

hotels/ sightseeings
views along the way
 As we get nearer and nearer to Tha Thien Pier, we start to see more temples as seen by their distinct 'Thai' look.

some temple along the way
Wat Arun (In the midst of some refurbishment)
It was a pity though that Wat Arun was undergoing refurbishment at the period when we were at Bangkok. As such we did not go Wat Arun though we wanted to initially. As Wat Arun is at the opposite side of the river, to get there, you have to alight at Tha Tien Pier too, and then transfer to a cross river ferry to get to Wat Arun.

For blue flag tourist boat, the route is as such:
Sathorn > Oriental > Si Phraya > Rachawongse > Tha Tien
* There are 3 more stops after Tha Tien too.
* If you are heading to Chinatown, you can alight at Rachawongse.

In total, our boat ride took about 15-20 minutes, and we are here at Tha Tien Pier.
Tha Tien Pier
Once you alight at the pier, you will pass through a series of bazaar selling souvenirs. Then you will reach this open space.
Thereafter, you can follow the crowd (almost all are heading towards Wat Pho) and you will reach the entrance in no time. If you were to see from the map, Wat Pho is situated really near from the Pier.

Wat Pho ticketing counter
Before you enter Wat Pho, you have to buy the admission fee which cost THB 100 (SGD $4).

Wat Pho ticket
Each ticket comes with a small bottle of water that you can redeem near the entrance.
Wat Pho original ticket
free drinking water per pax
Wat Pho is famous for the giant reclining buddha statue.

Hallway surrounding the giant buddha
 Ta dah! giant reclining buddha ~

Reclining buddha @ Wat Pho
Up close view of the buddha
magnificent buddha feet
The soles of the reclining buddha were undergoing some maintenance work.

maintenance work at the soles of the buddha
 Another mini reclining buddha statue along the hallway.

mini reclining buddha statue
There were devotees exchanging for a bowl of coins to donate into each and every urns along the hallway (see photo below).
donating coin to the urns along the hallway
back of the buddha head
The patterns on the ceiling and the 'pillow' below the buddha's head are so intricate. Do take a minute or two to admire them. It is one unique Thai characteristic I guess.

ceiling pattern
Apart from the main hall where the reclining buddha is situated, there are other temple like structures in Wat Pho compound.
other sections in Wat Pho
Other sections in Wat Pho
Temples in Bangkok are known as 'Wat'. The roof of the temples in Bangkok are always very special with gold in colour and patterns towards the end.

temple structure (Wat Pho)
different sections in Wat Pho
more architecture in Wat Pho compound
There is also 2 deities statues outside each door of the temple as though they are guarding the compound.

2 deities outside the door
common area within Wat Pho
other section within Wat Pho compound

other sections in Wat Pho
row of buddha statues
2 deities guarding the door
We also saw a school within Wat Pho compound and there were students running about (lunch time?) at around 12.10pm.
Bangkok students
artiste 3D impression of Wat Pho
Big Gong
It is known to hit 3 times with the gong and it will bless you. Just outside the 'gong' premise, is a series of buddha. Where you can purchase lotus, candles and offering. It comes together with 'gold sticker' where you can then paste on the buddha statue at the area.

Offering & prayer
For eg. if you tend to have headache, by pasting the gold sticker on a buddha head, it is believed to be able to alleviate your headache.

We were done with Wat Pho at around 12.40pm. We spent an approx 1 and half hour at Wat Pho. Thereafter we took a cab ride to Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (龙莲寺) outside Wat Pho. Our cab ride cost THB 130 (SGD $5.20). Be careful of drivers who are out to con tourist. Before we got our cab, we approach a few other drivers and they quote THB 300, THB 150... This cab that we got on actually operate by meter, however we though that its meter 'jump' a little too fast. But still THB 130 is reasonable than THB 300. It was about a 10-15 mins ride.

And please note that the taxi drivers, generally do not know how to speak English, so it will be good if you can give them a Thai version of the place you want to go. For eg, for us, that day morning we actually approach our hotel lobby receptionist to write the thai language version of Wat Mangkon Kamalwat. Hence when we board, we just give the driver the thai destination, and he will know how to go.

street along Wat Mangkok Kamalawat
Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (龙莲寺)
 Wat Managkon Kamalawat or also known as 龙莲寺 is a chinese temple. It is quite rare to find a chinese temple in Bangkok. There is no admission fee involved. Generally wouldn't treat this as a tourist attraction place like Wat Pho, but worth to visit if you are a buddhist devotee.

Wat Mangkon Kamalawat
Learning institute @ Wat Mangkon Kamalawat
Monks learning 
Central praying hall
Side halls within the temple
As the compound wasn't too big, we did not spend a lot of time there, and left after around 50 minutes.

exit area towards to the main street
Wat Mangkon Kamalawat is located in Chinatown district and near to the famous Yaowarat road where all Chinatown delicacies are situated along that stretch of road.
Courtesy of Google Maps. Map showing area near Wat Mangkon Kamalawat and Yaowarat Road (Chinatown)
Time check: 2pm.

We are off to our first stop: light but expensive lunch of bird nest!

We researched online previously for famous/popular/good bird nest in Bangkok and most reviews point us towards Nam Sing Bird Nest.

Nam Sing Bird nest
So of we go and give it a try! As we went during non lunch hours, the whole restaurant was particularly empty. It is a very big restaurant (2 levels) despite having a small entrance, seems to cater to tour group. They sell seafood like shark fin on top of their speciality - bird nest.

Over here, they have many different kinds of bird nest (different grades) and different add on ingredients like longan.

We ordered 3 B5 and 1 B8.

Nam Sing bird nest menu
B5 : Nam Sing's white bird's 2nd class - THB 500 (SGD $20)
B8 : Nam Sing's white bird's 3rd class with longan - THB 300 (SGD $12)
 Do note that both comes with the side dish - red dates, longans, ginko nut. The chrysanthemum drink was given to us each FOC. The different grading of the bird nest get more expensive as the grading goes. It can go up to THB 1000 (SGD$ 40) for the most expensive one where the bird nest is served in coconut.

Overall we can taste significant difference between B8 and B5 bird nest, with B5 (the more expensive one) being able to taste bigger chunks of bird nest. B8 bird nest is like those bird nest can drinks. If you are willing to splurge, then of course go for the more pricey ones.

Do get from them the side platter (red dates, longan, ginko nut) as they doesn't seem to give automatically. They only give after we requested for it, and it was supposed to be in our bird nest package anyway.

The bird nest is good but pricey. We thought that the one we ate at Batam (Ling star bird nest) previously for SGD $10 was much better and at a lower price.

Thereafter a hearty lunch/dessert, we are off to buy souvenirs from Lim Jing Hang. (林真香) which was also along the same stretch of road (Yaowarat Road).

There were a lot of Lim Jing Hiang stores along that road and some with different packaging. One is called "老铺林真香" the other is called "合记林真香". The 合记林真香 is the one with a pig like mascot outside its store. Not too sure which is the authentic / famous one. But we bought from the 老铺林真香. Even for that store, there are a couple of stores along Yaowarat Road too! Below is the name card of the outlet that we bought from.

Lim Jing Hiang (林真香) store location
Clockwise from top to bottom: Pork floss in rod like shape, crispy pork chips, Sesame rice cracker with pork floss, pork floss
Clockwise from top to bottom: 
  1. Shredded pork stick THB 150 (SGD $6)
  2. crispy pork chips THB 140 (SGD $5.6)
  3. Sesame rice cracker with pork floss THB 70 (SGD $2.8)
  4. shredded pork (pork floss) THB 120 (SGD $4.8)
Sesame rice cracker with pork floss
Receipt of our loots @ Lim Jing Hiang
It seem to be quite popular in BKK (often see people buying this back to SG as souvenir for distribution). However we don't think its really that nice and especially there were recent news article that warn people from eating the bak kwa sold by Lim Jing Hiang.

If you want to buy Lim Jing Hiang, but from its outlet here at Chinatown instead of some stores along Pratunam area where they house many food souvenirs together in a store. The price at pratunam is more expensive!

We bought quite a lot from Lim Jing Hiang, so we decide to not continue the journey to Wat Traimit, but head back to hotel first.  Our cab journey back was THB 200 (SGD $8). Before that, we asked a cab driver and he quoted us an exorbitant price of THB 400 (SGD $16)! Once again, we gave the driver our Centre Point Hotel Pratunam card which has the Thai address on it. Due to traffic, he alighted us at the main road near our hotel. The whole ride took about 20-30 mins.

We went back to our hotel to rest and put down our loots before we decided to head out to Siam Square for an early dinner!

During our rest back in our hotel, we were researching for good restaurants that are not too costly yet serve good authentic Thai dishes. We then came across Inter Restaurant and Ban Khun Mae as highly raved by Singaporeans.We were torn between these two choices and decided we will make the decision when we reach the place since they are near each other. Both are located at Siam Square. Siam Square is just a road across Siam Centre.

Courtesy of Google Map. Directions from Centre Point Hotel Pratunam to Siam Square
traffic @ pratunam 4.15pm
We left our hotel at around 4.15pm, and this time round to get to Siam area, instead of going the main road which is also the long way (passing by platinum fashion mall, big C. central world, siam paragon...), we took the short cut which also means walking through the alley leading to the carpark/loading area of Siam Kempinski Hotel and eventually reaching Siam Paragon. It is a faster route, however for safety, don't walk alone as it is quite secluded at the alley and there's construction works ongoing. Crossing the road was quite difficult too when we were near to Siam Kempinski Hotel carpark area.

Ever since the bombing that took place in 2015, security seems to have tightened up at major shopping centres in BKK. We see security scanners at MBK, Siam Paragon, Central world... To enter the mall (doesn't matter which entrance u get in from), you have to pass through a body scanner (for some) and they will have to check your bags. It seems comforting though to know that security has tightened and this means deterrence to potential threats. But yet, it also serve as a reminder that threats are present, and we have to be vigilant about it.

Hello Kitty House @ Siam Square One
After you Cafe @ Siam Square One
When we passed by After you Cafe at around 4.40pm, it was so empty. There were seats however we know that if we were to try the shibuya toast we will not be able to take down any more of the authentic savoury thai food thereafter. Being a family that prefers savoury than sweet stuff, we chose to try After you cafe after our dinner if there is still seats.

Just across After you cafe and Hello Kitty House cafe is where Ban Khun Mae and Inter Restaurant lies. They are separated by Siam Square Soi 7 road.

Ban Khun Mae Restaurant
There wasn't any menu outside where we can browse through to see what they offer. The whole place looks dark from outside and when we took a sneak peak inside, it seems quite classy. We start to wonder if this is a tourist trap. There was not a lot of people inside the restaurant perhaps it wasn't dinner time yet. We then head to the next street where Inter Restaurant lies.

Inter Restaurant (Front door)
We first know of this restaurant through Ladyironchef recommendation, which we later on went to Tripadvisor to read more reviews and feel that this might be worth trying out! Most reviews state that this place serve good food with little or no msg, and yet at a price cheaper than its competitor - Ban Khun Mae.

When we reached this restaurant (we were at its back door) and from outside we noticed its relatively more humble looking venue as compared to Ban Khun Mae, and we saw that despite it was not dinner time there were a lot of people inside eating, and they seem to be mostly locals. As we wanted some authentic Thai food (Presumably place where the locals go to), we decided to give Inter Restaurant a try!

inside Inter Restaurant
 We were initially given a place near the window (that's the only place left that can accomodate 4 of us, the rest were occupied), however as the air con was dripping water and it definitely will hurt our dining experience. Thankfully a group of 4 diners left around the same time, and after the helpers cleared the table, they gave us their table instead which was much better (Situated in the middle of the restaurant though).

The whole place was not very big. Later on, then we realised there's actually second level too but perhaps they only open during the peak dining periods for better management / serving of food.


Inter Restaurant menu pg 1
Inter Restaurant Menu pg 2
Ta dah ~ So here is what we ordered:

Tom Yum Kung shrimp in hot sour soup (bowl) THB 120 (SGD $4.80)
They added spices and lemon grass into the soup, making it so fragrant. It was so flavourful and yet there doesn't seem to be any MSG added. There were really a lot of ingredients too - fresh prawns, straw mushrooms, fish.. 

Yum Yum. Still miss the taste. Will be back again to get this Tom Yum again.
Strongly recommended! Must order!

stir-fried morning glory (aka Kang Kong) THB 80 (SGD $3.20)
Hmm typical dish of Stir fried kang kong. A little disappointing as you can see from the picture above the stalks were pretty big, the vege isn't that tender. 

Deep fried pork spring roll THB 85 (SGD $3.40)
Spring Roll is normal. Wouldn't consider this as a must try.

Green Curry chicken THB 100 (SGD $4)
Green curry chicken is good! Equally good as the Tom Yum! Strongly recommended!

Deep fried chicken middle wings THB 95 (SGD $3.80)
As usual, Thai fried chicken wings seem to be quite skinny (not much meat). However this fried dish is really nice because of its fragrant perhaps due to its marination. Recommended to order if you are okay with fried dishes! :)

Chinese oyster omelette (Hot Plate) THB 130 (SGD $5.20)
The oyster omelette was SO NICE there is this distinct wok hei smell that comes along with it. We have never tasted such good oyster omelette before and the price seems reasonable at THB 130 (SGD $5.20) for hot plate. It was so good, that we ordered a second plate to share at the end of the meal despite all of us feeling full already. Strongly recommended!

Hot Tea THB 40 (SGD $1.60)
 Our bill:

  1. Tom Yum THB 120 (SGD $4.80)
  2. Stir fried kang kong THB 80 (SGD 3.20)
  3. Deep fried spring roll THB 85 (SGD $3.40)
  4. Green Curry Chicken THB 100 (SGD $4)
  5. Deep fried chicken mid wings THB 95 (SGD $3.80)
  6. Chinese oyster omelette THB 130 (SGD 130 (SGD $5.20) x2 plates
  7.  Hot Tea THB 40 (SGD $1.60) x4 cups
  8. White rice THB 15 (SGD $0.60) x 4 bowls
Total: THB 960 (SGD $38.40) for a sumptous, full, hearty and satisfying meal for 4 pax.

Note that they charge different prices for hotplate vs normal plate and hot pot vs normal bowl. These 2 pertains to the oyster omelette and tom yum kung respectively.

Food served pretty fast and they were piping hot too! As they were really delicious, we find ourselves gobbling them down real fast. Furthermore they are spicy and that makes it appetising! We were done with dinner by 5.45pm.

By then we were so full and we had to give After you cafe's Shibuya Toast a miss even though there was no queue at that point of time :(

Since we ended dinner early, we decided to head to Big C supermart for our last minute shopping before we head back tomorrow and then we will check out the Pratunam night market, provided it doesn't rain as it did the previous 2 nights :(

We bought a 'pasar malam' bag from Big C. We call it a 'Pasar Malam' bag as it is what you usually see shop owners at pasar malam or so, put their goods inside and bring it to the place to sell. It is very convenient as it is foldable, lightweight and can contain a lot of things. 

Elephant bag
You can get this along the streets in Pratunam but we only managed to buy at Big C that day as we realised we might have a problem carrying all our souvenirs/clothes back to SG. We found these bags situated near the counters at Big C supermart and they cost THB 79 (SGD $3.16) each. There are many different patterns but since this is from Thailand, we wanted the pattern that signify Thailand most and that will be the elephant!

Coconut sweet (gula melaka) THB 200 (SGD $8)
Receipt of purchase @ Big C Rajadrmi
After we are done with our final shopping at Big C, it was around 6.30pm and we head over to Pratunam market! By then it was almost 7pm and stores were setting up / closing.

Oh my, it was a lovable shopping experience at the night market! We got our first taste of how affordable things are. Clothes and shoes and bags! The pratunam market is situated near Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Clothes (good quality dresses) were going at around THB 200 (SGD $8) while bags going at THB 250 (SGD $10) and shoes at THB 100 (SGD $4). One thing that we noticed is that the night market tend to have more bags and shoes choices. Clothes wise, the morning market offer more choices and at even cheaper price!

So yup! Get your shoes and bag at the night market and clothes at the morning market! Generally all the shops that we shop at Pratunam market offered us plastic bag to contain our loots even though we had big recycled bags with us. Though they do offer plastic bags, but it is still better if you bring a big recycled bag or so to carry all your loots in one bag - more convenient to lug it and shop around!

We had a hearty shopping till around 8.30pm before we call it a day. Before we head back to our hotel, we pop by the 7 Eleven just beside our hotel side gate and bought some red bean bun and Banana cake for tomorrow breakfast!

Left to right: Red bean bread x 2, banana cake (similar to Tokyo Banana) from BKK 7Eleven
Red Bean Bread THB 7 (SGD $0.28)
Banana Cake THB 59 (SGD $2.36)

The banana cake is like the Japan's Tokyo banana but of course this is make in Bangkok. This is so much cheaper than the Tokyo Banana and the filling is not that slimy. It is equally soft too. If you are a fan of Tokyo Bananas, do give this Bangkok banana cake a try! 

Receipt from 7 Eleven
With that we ended our last night at Bangkok and prep for our last final day where we will be waking up early for some alms offering experience! Stay tune for the next post!


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