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HK & MACAU Day 7

Last Day in Hong Kong. We are sad that our holiday has come to an end but surprisingly we don't exactly have the 依依不舍 feeling. Ultimately we seem to still prefer Taiwan that Hong Kong. Hong Kong food is pricier than in SG, in terms of natural sights we didnt get to experience much given the weather condition - unbearably hot. 

We have a homebound flight to catch at 3.30pm, so we didn't schedule anything on the day. We wanted to have our brunch/lunch at Tim Ho Wan @ IFC mall. As we intend to do early check in of baggage at the airport express check in counters at Hong Kong MTR. But as you will read later, we did not get to try the original Tim Ho Wan in its home country, but we try Mei Xin (Jade Garden) instead @ HKIA.

Okay, so we woke up at 6.30am, thereafter we stroll around our neighbourhood, specifically the Yau Ma Tei Wholesale fruit Market, hopefully to purchase some fruits back to SG.

Streets of Yau Ma Tei on a Saturday @ 7am
Residential area 
Yau Ma Tei wholesale Fruit Market
Busy. busy. busy. All stores were extremely busy with unloading of fruits. Though we were just there walking around, none bothered to introduce their fruits to us or ask us to buy any. I guess its really like whats written online, that its more for retail stores owner to purchase fruits from them and resell them.

Furthermore, most of the fruits doesn't seem to be locally produced. Or rather, we can get it quite easily at Singapore's supermarkets such as Thailand Durian, Philippine mangoes, banana, Melon.. All seem to be imported, which doesnt makes it seem that special. Thus we ended up not buying any.

Loading of fruits

Fruits! Kiwi, Melon, mangoes
We went back at 7.30am to have a simple breakfast as we know our lunch will be pretty early especially if we intend to try out Tim Ho Wan.

The day before we purchased some pastries from Kee Wah (奇华). We intend to buy all our food souveirs from the airport - since they have the popular Kee Wah and Wing Wah pastry shops there. Then we have less things to carry around ultimately these are perishable items, and we can't check-in with our luggage. Thus we bought some the previous day to try first. 

Top left to right (clockwise): Char Siew Polo bun, Lao Po bing, Seaweed egg roll 
Receipt from Kee Wah
1. Char Siew Polo bun: HKD 8.5 (SGD $1.50)
Don't bother trying.

2. Lao Po Bing: HKD 8.5 (SGD $1.50)
Normal. We personally prefer Wing Wah's Lao Po Bing to Kee Wah as its more fragrant.

3. Seaweed egg roll: HKD 16 (SGD $2.80)
Not bad. Worth trying!

Dragon ball bakery: Egg tart and Polo bun
Last few glimpse of Hong Kong from our apartment before we leave~

View from master bedroom/toilet @ 9.40am
Further down, after the blue/green apartments, is Yau Ma Tei Wholesale fruit market!
View from living room/ bedroom @ 9.40am
The view that faces Hamilton Road where we can walk down and get to the Yau Ma Tei MTR easily.

We will be getting a cab around this area later on too. We intended to get a cab to Hong Kong MTR where we can do early check in at the airport express counter, thereafter we will have a Tim Ho Wan Meal at IFC mall and then board the airport express to HKIA.

We left our apartment at around 10.25am.
Last few glimpse of our apartment. Trying out staying in those residential apartment had been a very good experience. The apartment was very clean, thanks to the host, however similar to other Hong Kong apartments, their houses are pretty small and stuff along the corridor walkway. This makes us appreciate Singapore's housing even more.

Staying at the residential estate, means you have to pay more special attention to keeping your voices down after 10pm, to prevent disturbing the other locals. If you want a unique, local homestay experience, then do try out renting an apartment through airbnb. If you intend to stay at your apartment for long in the day, then maybe better to get a hotel, since Hong Kong apartments are real small, and might nt be that comfortable if staying for long period.

We board the cab at around 10.30am. It was extremely easy to get a cab during that time. Generally their buses and mrt are cheaper than cab, hence locals tend to board those public transport instead.

The driver told us that its cheaper and faster to get to the airport straight by his cab then taking our original route (Cab + airport express). We were hesitant as we were unsure about the road conditions - traffic jams, but he assured us and we decided to give it a try. That's why we end up not going to IFC mall and trying out Tim Ho Wan too :( haha. But he is right!

All costs in HKD
We board at 10.30 and reach the airport at around 11.20am! Our cab fare comes to be HKD 240, which include HKD 30 Lantau Link toll fee and 3 luggage placed in the car boot (HKD 5 * 3 pcs = HKD 15).

We estimated our taxi cab initially through where based on google map estimated distance, you can estimate the cab fare needed. We chose the best valued airport express discount - Group travel of 4 @ $250 in total. Original price was HKD 100 per pax. If you are interested in airport express: do visit their link @

I guess if you are travelling in a group of 3 or more, taxi might be  a more cost efficient way! But if you have plenty of time between your flight departure and hotel/apartment check out, then no harm doing in -town check in by taking the airport express thereafter. If you are travelling solo or with another friend, then airport express is a more wallet friendly option!

In the cab
We pass through the 'Tsing Ma Bridge' along the way!

Tsing Ma Bridge
It is the world's 9th longest suspension bridge, but during its time of completion in 1997, it was the 2nd longest!

view along the way
The bridge links Lantau Island (where disneyland, HKIA sits on) to the rest of urban Hong Kong. It is impressive in that if there's severe typhoon and the lanes are unable to function, it is still able to transfer passengers through its 2 railway lines an road lines enclosed below the bridge. It is like a dual level bridge.

More of Tsing Ma bridge
Approaching Lantau!
And in no time, we find ourselves at the departure hall of HKIA Terminal 1.

Airport check-in counters 
SQ check in counters
Our flight is due for departure at 3.20pm, and when we reach its only around 11.20am, way earlier than normal check-in but luckily we are still able to check in our baggages. 
Air ticket - bound for home!
Departure hall @ HKIA T1
Tsui Wah restaurant is there too!
As it's early and we aren't too hungry yet, we decided to stop by Kee Wah bakery to get some souvenirs first before we proceed for lunch at Jade Garden (Mei Xin).

Kee Wah Bakery
It's at left area of level 1 departure hall, 

Assorted cookies @ HKD138 (SGD 24.20)
Not too sure if its nice, but its looks good, with different kind of pastry - looks generous enough as gift for your colleagues or family as souvenirs! It costs HKD 138 (SGD $24.20) per box. A little pricey. Oh and do remember they charge for carrier bags of minimum HKD 0.5 (SGD 8c) per bag as part of their environmental and conservation law.

Receipt @ Kee Wah
Mei Xin. Jade Garden
Interior of Jade Garden Restaurant
Menu - Dim Sum
Menu - Dim Sum 2
Signature Dim Sum
Misc Charges
Flower Tea @ HKD 28 (SGD $4.90) per pot
From left to right: Pre Meal snacks @ HKD 16 (SGD $2.80) , Steamed rice rolls with barbecued pork @ HKD 42 (SGD $7.40)
From left to right: Triple combo - Roast Pork, BBQ Pork belly (Char Siew), Roast Goose @ HKD 198 (SGD $34.70)

Deep fried spring rolls stuffed with shrimps, chicken, carrot and mushroom @ HKD 62 (SGD $10.90)
From left to right: Pan fried turnip cakes with preserved meat @ HKD 30 (SGD $5.30), Steamed pork, fish and shrimp dumpling - Siew Mai @ HKD 40 (SGD $7)
Poached fresh vegetables @ HKD 48 (SGD $8.40)
Stir fried noodles with shredded pork @ HKD 98 (SGD $17.20)
Of all the dishes we ordered, we feel that we can give stir fried noodles a miss in terms of taste. While we love the triple combo meat platter especially! The best we have eaten in Hong Kong, better and cheaper than the one we ate at Yat lok a day earlier. 

Receipt @ Jade garden
We were surprised that eating at their restaurants seem comparable to prices in Singapore, hence a little affordable. While their cha chaan teng seems to be more pricey given that its like 1 set per person, and not like zi char style and the price range is almost as much as the restaurant pricing. In total we pay HKD 686.40 (SGD$120.40) for the 4 of us @ Jade Garden.

We left Jade Garden after a full and satisfying meal at 1.30pm. Thereafter we head for the departure gates!

departure gate - North wing
There's queue for security clearance. Do note that you have to finish your water at this stage, also you will have to produce the departure slip which you have during your first arrival at Hong Kong at the counter. It took around 15-20 mins for us to clear the customs and reach our waiting area.

We went to Wing Wah after we entered the restricted area to purchase our souvenirs. Do note that the difference between the Wing Wah pastry shop in airport and in other parts of Hong Kong is that other areas provide sampling and they retail in individual packaging instead of boxes.

Wing Wah originated from Yuen Long. Famous Hang Heung pastry also originates from Yuen Long, so if you have ample time to spend in HK, do make a trip down :)

These are the pastries that we bought:

Husband and wife cakes @ HKD 70 (SGD $12.30)
The difference between the Husband cakes (Lao Gong Bing)  and Wife cakes (Lao Po Bing) is that the former is savoury and the latter is sweet.
Up close of the cakes
There's 3 cakes of each variety in the box and there's also a story written in chinese in the box - stating the origin of lao po bing, lao gong bing. We feel that this is worth buying. Nice both on packaging and taste!

Hong Kong gift pastry @ HKD 120 (SGD 21)
There's 8 different cookies, not too sure if its nice since we bought it as gift. This seems similar to what we got earlier at Kee Wah. 

From Left to Right: Mini flaky pastry with X.O. sauce & scallop, Mini flaky pastry with white lotus seed paste and egg yolk (both @ HKD 85 - SGD $15 each)
Mini Flaky pastry
There's only 6 each in  1 box, the one with XO sauce is a little spicy. We personally prefer the savoury one - XO sauce and scallop. Afterall both are of the same price. Would buy that again if we were to go HK again!

Assorted butterfly shape biscuit HKD 160 (SGD $28)
It comes in assorted flavour - original, chocolate, cereals and sumiyaki coffee. We personally love the original one the best! Recommend to buy this butterfly shape biscuit as its really good! There's 8 individual package inside 1 box.

Panda cookies @ HKD 50 (SGD$8.80)
Average and pricey. Maybe can skip this if you are not too into the panda design.

They had an in-house promotion where every HKD 360 (SGD $63.20) spent, will get you a free box of butterfly shape biscuit (original). It is pretty easy to hit that amount if you and your buddies need to buy souvenirs back home.

Receipt at Wing Wah airport branch
Luckily we still have some time to pack our loots in our hand carry bags before boarding the plane. One good thing about buying the souvenirs in the airport is that its convenient in that you only add on these souvenirs at your last stop, hence saving the hassle of bringing them around during your trip. 

waiting area for SQ 861
Airbus 380
Boarding time is 2.40pm. We boarded the aircraft at 3pm.

Sunny Hong Kong
There seem to be slight delay and it only took off at around 3.40pm.
Bye Hong Kong :(
Once again, you will always feel pampered with a flight on Singapore airlines. With their in flight entertainment and in flight meals. The brunch that we had during our departure flight on 7 June seems better than the dinner though. But nonetheless, we still love airplane food. hehe.

dinner option 1
dinner option 2
As we do not take beef, we chose the second option - Stir fried chicken with ginger and spring onion, chinese vegetable and steamed rice. 

Stir fried chicken with ginger and spring onion, chinese vegetable and steamed rice. 
Sedap! Thereafter, the meal is complemented with Haagen Dazs ice cream served at around 5.30pm.

Haagen Dazs ice cream
Brrrr. But yummy :)

View of Singapore/Malaysia @ 6.59pm
We landed back at our homeground per scheduled time - 7.10pm. Singapore seems to have rained the past few days when we were in sunny Hong Kong. We start to miss Hong Kong maybe because it signal the end of our getaway. But nevertheless, this trip to Hong Kong makes us appreciate what we have in Singapore even more. From the size of housing to the affordable eats. We will be back in Hong Kong if opportunity arise, but maybe not so much of Macau.


Birthday card by the crew
Birthday cake by SIA
Coincidentally, it was one of our family members birthday on our return flight to SG. Earlier on we mentioned about this to SQ and we really appreciate their warm and welcoming gesture in celebrating the special occasion. So if you happen to have your anniversary or birthday falls on the day you fly, feel free to mention it to the customer service @ SIA and they will assist in your celebration of the special occasion :)


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