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Day 3:  First World Cafe -> First World Hotel (check out) -> Gohtong Souvenir area -> Yong Peng -> Singapore (CCK)
Rise and shine at 7.30am. It's the third and last day of our Genting trip. Last day to enjoy the natural aircon! We decided to go for a better breakfast and we chose the First World Cafe at level 8 of our hotel for a buffet breakfast!

clear Directions given

First World Cafe - Buffet!
Breakfast buffet is from 6-10.30am. We went at 9am and there was a queue ongoing, mainly because of touists groups. We left within an hour at 10am.

First World Cafe Buffet price

First World cafe is kinda big so dont afraid that you are unable to find a seat, by the way its free seating( no usher).

This is just like 1/8 of the seats available in the whole cafe.
It's divided into two secctions: the normal cuisine and the Indian Vegetarian section. Of course, all are Halal. So its like for one price that u paid, you get to enjoy 2 sections of delicacy.
sections within First World cafe

We went to the non vegetarian section and had our meal there. We later went on to the vegetarian section thinking of having a second round of buffet but they are of kinda similar variety.

Lets start our food galore~

Non-vegetarian Section

starters: pickles/anchovies

Do note that they are cold. Mainly as side dishes for porridge.

lotus paste Pau
The pau is quite popular among customers.

Self - toasted bread

There's jars of cereals - coco krunch/honey stars/etc at Cereal Corner too!

Bread Corner!

Fried egg Corner

Be sure to patron the fried eggs here! Theres omelette and sunny side up eggs. piping hot as they are fresh from the wok with chef at your service at all times!

These are warm anchovies/peanuts

peas and more greens

Main food ( fred stuff/yong tau foo/vegetables/staple food)

cutlery corner


Tandas @ First World Cafe

There's a toilet near the live fried egg corner.

Hot beverages - coffee/ Tea

Cold Beverages corner
Look at the tubs of orange syrup waiting to be filled into the empty dispenser!

Fruits ahoy!

Yellow Watermelon! Sweet and very popular too! So grab it fast!

Bee Hoon ( Fry instantly)

sauces for deserts
 Most of the variety ( Catering style of food) are repeated. So all in all what I have shared here is msotly what you can expect at First World Cafe buffet breakfast (non vegetarian section). We feel that their variety of food can be improved. However their speed of food replenishing is just right.

We then went on to the Indian Vegetarian section.

way to Indian Vegetarian Section
See the queue on the left side of the image? They are queuing up for .....

live demonstration of Thosai!

Piping hot and it smells not bad. But a pity we didnt try it as we had our full.

cherry tomatoes

Bill @ First World Cafe

In total we spent MYR 117.75. Room guests are not entitled to First World Cafe buffet breakfast unless their room passbook states so at the back of the page. They do not check the age of guests and this results in one of us qualifying as a children! Children rate is half of adult's price!

First World Cafe @ 10am
Buffet breakfast ends at 10.30am, by 10am, the cafe has very little people. Generally, people do not spend a long time in the cafe. Most about half hr in the cafe for some breakfast then they move off. We left First World Cafe at 10am and headed back to our hotel room for packing up and some of us went to do some lasst minute souvenir shopping.

Lift at First World Plaza

lift lobby at level 8 of our hotel

view from our hotel lift corridor

We are supposed to check out and meet at the bus depot at 12.45pm for WTS bus to depart Genting back to Singapore.We thus checked out at 12pm(official check out time), but dont worry that there will be a jam as its kinda hassle free!
Last few glimpse of the surroundings...

Room access card

Room Service! So efficient!
water dispenser
Check out kiosks are located along the pathway from your lift lobby to the main lobby for First World Hotel.
Check out kiosk

Basically, just insert your room key card, and it will do the rest. It's this convenient yet leaving you with a little unceertainty whether all admin procedures have been completed.

Final glances of the lobby of First World Hotel...

Check - in kiosk

But apparently, not all can use via check in kiosk. Most still need to go to the counter: manual counter procedures.

We then walk to the bus depot where we arrived. (Near Starbucks coffee). We have to let the personnel at WTS travel counter see our ticket (which we got on the first day from WTS), to verify and they will tick our names according to their list. We were further notified on the boarding procedures.

WTS counter at the bus depot

We departed the bus depot at abt 1pm. They do not follow a strict departing time. As long as all passengers ahave boarded the bus they will just depart even if its earlier than stipulated time. So, if some passengers bound to board the bus but have yet to arrive despite already passed the stipulated time, everyone will have to wait for them too.

the other tour buses waiting to depart Genting
There were other tour agencies buses at the depot, including five stars travel.
As there's no available WTS gold cruiser bus (which we were entittled to), they had WTS platinum cruiser instead. Which is actually better, as theres personal entertainment system within the bus for each passenger.

Bye genting

inner view of the bus

Still quite spacious. Seats adjustable to comfortable position with leg rest. Speakers in-built at the headrest which is kinda special. So no earphones provided. Live TV channels to choose from. Thumbs up for its comfortability level and entertainment. Its however less new than the bus which we took on Day one.


Before reaching Singapore customs, the bus will stop for shopping/toilet break twice. First stop is the Souvenir shop at Gohtong which is near Strawberry Farm. Up next is Yong Peng then Malaysia and Singapore custom.
We reached the first stop (gohtong souvenir shop) in 20 mins time. Malaysia Pahang Native goods were sold there including small take away delights like Cup corn/sweet potato/freshly cut fruits. But beware, we overheard a Singaporean elderly couple mumbling" so expensive" after buying a cup of cupcorn.
We were given about 30 mins to shop.

 Then it's a two hours ride and we reach Yong peng at 4.45pm. We were very hungry and we bought its shrimp noodles (but we can't find any shrimp), at RM 6.5, and fish soup (8.25).Left Yong Peng empty handed but with a full stomach at 5.15pm.

Before reaching Yong peng,our tour guide actually collated orders for Muar Fish otah. After having tried otahs from Singapore pasar Malam, we dont really have a deep liking for it since the standard has been deteriorating in recent years. Nevertheless we decided to give Muar Fish Otah a try. We bought 2 packets and regretted after tasting it. It's raw fish otah, at RM 6 per packet. Purchase of 10 packets will come at a lesser price.
Muar Fish Otah

We got our orders after Yong Peng. When we steamed it back in Singapore and tried it, we could actually see the fish meat (Tenggiri)! It's less of like just fish flavouring and flour. Very authentic Otah! If you happen to be travelling with WTS and they recommend this Otah, do buy from them! Whats more its cheap, cheaper than otah with real fish meat sold in SG!

drizzling again
It was drizzling again when we are nearing the Malaysia custom. We passed the Singapore custom at 7pm. Reaching CCK drop off point (Gain city near Lot One) at 7.20pm which is slightly earlier than what we expected of 8pm.
We finally returned to Genting after almost 10 years. What we can conclude is that Genting hasn't change much but its definitely colder in the past. 10 years back, our experience with First World Hotel wasn't good due to its moth infested corridors and absence of hot water dispenser. Now, our impression of First World Hotel has definitely improved. Amenities are at our convenience, basic needs provided in the hotel too, definitely an efficient hot and cold water dispenser provided, everything which we had experienced with First World Hotel during our 3D2N has definitely exceeded our expectations especially after reading some negative reviews on the net. Service has been good too and refill of utilities have been efficient too. Will definitely return back to Genting again and stay with First World hotel if its standard remains the same or better. But next time round, we will be exploring other alternatives of touring around Genting.
Our experience with WTS Travel has been a great one though theres bumps initially. Upon our purchase with Groupon, we wanted to contact WTS travel for some departure enquiries thats not stated in the T&C. We tried contacting their hotline but its always ringing. Theres people picking up the call only when it has past the office hours but the person who pick up is not in charge in this deal and couldnt answer our queries. We were slightly frustrated and at the same time, we sent email to them. Till today, even after returning from the trip, we have yet to receive any reply from them. In the end we decided to make a trip down to WTS Bukit Timah Office. The staff seem busy but they are still willing to help us. We settled our booking then. Given our first experience, my family is still likely to go with WTS Travel if theres any future attractive tour packages!


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